Humans are part of the Ecosystem and it is our responsibility to contribute towards environmental sustainability.

Earth 71% is covered in water and 99% of Maldives is the sea, hence protection of the coral reef, fauna and flora is essential to life.

Let’s make a difference to protect our marine life. From a fisherman to a diver, the crew of a yacht, role models to leaders and individuals.

Everyone can make a difference in environmental sustainability.

Below are some of the things you can do to help the coral reef protection.

1-  Number one rule of diving, DO NOT TOUCH anything under the ocean. Coral reefs are alive and living creatures.

2- Do not throw empty water bottles in the ocean.

3- Do not send chemicals into the ocean. An excessive amount of chemicals can be a barrier in the direct sunlight and the coral reef.

Coral Reef Protection

4- Conserve water. The less water you consume, the less wastewater will contaminate our oceans.

5 – Always ensure to anchor away from corals so that the anchor chain does not damage the nearby corals

6- Avoid throwing anything (other than food waste) in the water because any litter can contaminate and hurt fish and coral.

7- Practice safe diving and snorkeling and do not touch anything.

8- Refer to number 1 

Coral Reef Protection

Every little gesture counts, do not be afraid to contribute. Go out and spread the word. Educate others on the importance of coral reefs.

While going on a dive holiday, choose a boat that contributes towards environmental safety so you can have a role as well in protecting our ocean.

We on Horizon III, have invested in machines to have less plastic bottles and beer cans than other boats.

Blue Horizon and our team are working with UNDP (United Nations Development Programme) and shall be also working with other organizations such as coral conservation and clean-up programs.

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