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Horizon III Diving Liveaboard

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Horizon III and Dive Dhoni
Horizon III
Horizon III
Horizon III and Dive Dhoni
Indoor Saloon
Dive Dhoni 2
Horizon III and Dive Dhoni Horizon III Horizon III Horizon III and Dive Dhoni Jacuzzi Jacuzzi Indoor Saloon Dive Dhoni 2

Horizon III is the Ocean Oasis of the Maldives which focuses on Quality dive and the safety aspects. A twin engine yacht, with 12 Cabins that can accommodate 22 to 24 Divers, with restaurant, bar- fully provided with favorite drinks, spa, sun deck and Outdoor Tub. We have 4 experienced dive masters on board. Our average ratio is 1 dive master for 6 divers. We can cater to Scuba Divers, Non-divers, Free Divers, Swimmers, Snorkelers etc.

  • High-quality contemporary liveaboard
  • 3 Ocean View Suites across the upper deck
  • Choice of spacious dining and relaxation areas
  • 4 Professional dive guides
  • A separate 24m diving dhoni (Tender)
  • Most respected Diving Liveaboard in the Maldives.
  • Highly trained and dedicated staff.
  • On-deck Outdoor Tub.
  • Comfortable, clean and light interior design.
  • Experienced ayurvedic therapist.

Sustainability Practice

At the booking, you will be ask for a contribution. Join us in making a difference! For just $30 per trip, you can contribute to our sustainability initiative, helping to protect our oceans and preserve marine life. Together, we can ensure that the beauty of our underwater world remains for future generations. Your support matters—be a part of the change.


Booking is in real time and you can instantly book the trip hassle free. Pay online using our secure payment process.

What Can You See Under Water?

7 Nights Trip Highlights: (Approx 17 Dives)

  • Rasdhoo Atoll: Experience the thrill of diving with hammerhead sharks and explore the stunning reef teeming with pelagic marine life.
  • North Ari Atoll: Witness the mesmerizing presence of grey reef sharks, embark on an unforgettable night dive at Maaya Thila, and discover multiple manta cleaning stations.
  • South Ari Atoll: Dive alongside majestic whale sharks and encounter breathtaking pinnacles in this captivating underwater paradise.
  • South Male Atoll: Encounter grey reef sharks, graceful eagle rays, and other magnificent pelagic species while exploring a picturesque macro wreck.
  • Vaavu Atoll: Immerse yourself in the traditional Maldivian channel diving experience as you encounter grey reef sharks, eagle rays, and other captivating pelagic creatures.
  • North Male Atoll: Discover the beauty of stunning pinnacles that adorn the waters of this region, offering a visual treat for divers.

10 Nights trip Highlights: (Approx 24 Dives)

  • Rasdhoo Atoll: Hammerhead Dive, Beautiful Reef with Pelagics
  • North Ari Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Maaya Thila Night Dive, Multiple Manta Cleaning Stations
  • South Male Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Other Pelagics, Beautiful Macro Wreck
  • South Ari Atoll: Whalesharks, Beautiful Pinnacles
  • Vaavu Atoll: Grey Reef Sharks, Eagle Rays, Other Pelagics, Traditional Maldivian Channel Diving
  • North Male Atoll: Beautiful Pinnacles

14 Nights Itinerary Highlights. (Approx 37 Dives)

  • Fuvahmulah Atoll: Tiger sharks, oceanic manta, and thresher sharks. Oceanic Island with incredible visibility.
  • Huvadhoo Atoll: Whale sharks at night, silver tips, grey reef sharks, and many, many more.
  • Addu Atoll: WWII wreck HMS British Loyalty, majestic manta cleaning stations, and tiger sharks.
  • Laamu Atoll: Beautiful fish-filled channels with great shark encounters. Only on the Male to Addu trips.
  • Thaa Atoll: Grey reef & white tip reef sharks plus the chance of Whale sharks at night
  • Meemu Atoll: Enchanting channels with pelagic action, sharks, Eagle rays, and beautiful soft coral. Manta cleaning station
  • Vaavu Atoll: A sunset/night dive at Alimatha, Vaavu atoll is a must to have a memorable experience with the resident nurse shark
  • South Male Atoll: Grey reef sharks and eagle rays at the famous Kandooma Thila, a highlight on any trip


  • Upper deck: 3 suites with a king-size double, 2 cabins with twin beds
  • Main deck:   1 suite with a bunk syle bed and 1 double bed.
  • Lower deck: 8 Standard Cabins


Total 8 Twin berth cabins at Lower Deck with fully air conditioned. Ensuite bathroom with hot and cold showers. 2 cabin towels per guest. Hairdryers available in each cabin.


Two Lower Deck Double cabins with fully air conditioned. Ensuite bathroom with hot and cold showers. 2 cabin towels per guest. Hairdryers available in each cabin.


Total Three Deluxe cabins at Upper Deck with fully air conditioned and Ocean View. Ensuite bathroom with hot and cold showers. 2 cabin towels per guest. Hairdryers available in each cabin.


One Main Deck Double cabins (with Bunk style Configuration with fully air conditioned. Ensuite bathroom with hot and cold showers. 2 cabin towels per guest. Hairdryers available in each cabin.

  • Main deck: Air-conditioned lounge; comfy sofas, TV, book, music, beanbags, internationally stocked bar, dining area.
  • Upper deck: Outdoor seating with deckchairs, Outdoor Hot Tub. sunbeds.
  • Sun deck: Deckchairs, sunbeds, bean bags.
  • Power Socket Adapters station (security cameras)
  • WiFi: Data packages via a code are available to purchase on board.
  • Diving Dhoni: 24m tender with 3 crew, fully equipped with compressors, oxygen, comprehensive First Aid and diving towels.
  • Dive equipment rental: Guest can rent Full Dive Equipment. All divers are required to use a dive computer, SMB and reef hooks for every dive and a torch each for night dives. (Guests need to pre-book the dive equipment).
  • A service of 4 Professional dive guides.
  • Dive tanks: Equipped with 12 litre Aluminium tanks as standard and 15 litre tanks on request. NITROX Available up to 32%
  • PADI courses available: Advanced Open Water, Adventure Dives and Specialties. (Please prebook these).
  • Medical: Oxygen, comprehensive First Aid available. Crew and staff is trained to adminster oxygen.
  • Camera facilities under 24/7 CCTV: Charging stations, rinse tanks and camera table.
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Yue Y
Yue Y
Great diving some of the best diving in the world here in the Maldives Wonderful trip. Great diving some of the best diving in the world here in the MaldivesGreat diving some of the best diving in the world here in the Maldives.great tour guides. Would recommend.
Shark Diving Trip in Paradise! I had an amazing week with this boat, 4.5 stars. Overall- any issues were corrected if/when raised, we saw pretty much everything that was advertised, and if any dives were disappointing- it was because you can’t guarantee seeing certain sharks every time. (Tiger Shark site is pretty much a guarantee though). Pros: - 3 dives per day on nitrox, 4 dives on night dive day. - 4 dive guides for 14 divers - Beach barbecue evening on an idyllic island - Boat was always kept clean, rooms were cleaned and refreshed multiple times a day. - Strong air con, fans in room, sprayed to prevent issues with bugs. - People working on the boat we’re always helpful and willing to assist if I needed anything- Dive boat was roomy - put our gear there immediately on arrival, they washed our gear for us at the end of dives. They were ready and able to set up our gear for us or let us do it ourselves, depending on our preferences. - Meals were made to accommodate western and eastern taste and food preference. Always loads of healthy options, but also always desert. Best of both worlds. Cons: - Boat operator booked local flights but didn’t tell dive crew what time we were arriving, so ended up waiting at outside of airport in 30+ weather without anything to eat or drink for over 4 hours - Dive groups weren’t organised the first few days, so we ended up diving with our buddies but in a massive group - this was corrected once we raised the issue- Drinks on the boat are expensive - Had to pay extra for the Tiger Shark dives (apparently dive shops each have slots per day and they need to be purchased by the shops) - Maldives is expensive!
Scarlet V
Scarlet V
A great experience with a great crew. Outstanding! I had a great week diving with Blue Horizon! The crew and dive guides are outstanding and nothing is too much trouble for them. The boat is well equipped and comfortable with plenty of space so it doesn’t feel crowded and every member of the crew is professional, hard working and attentive to guests.The dive sites are varied with opportunities to see incredible marine life and although sometimes challenging, the dive guides ensure everyone is well looked after and able to enjoy each dive. Safety is at the forefront of everything and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Blue Horizon to anybody looking to dive in The Maldives.
Victor C
Victor C
Maldives in the best possible way A very warm and welcoming crew which makes every effort to make your trip a memorable one, whether it be on the awesome and diverse dive sites or at the dinner table.Utterly spoilt by a very kind crew which bends backwards to pick the best timing and spots to see the marine life you dream to encounter on your dives. Very diverse and tasty food at every meal. Dive, eat, sunbathe, repeat!Thank you all. Highly recommended
A Great week on Horizon I came on this boat in 2022 I had such a good time. I decided to come back again with three other people that also did the trip in 2022. We did a similar itinerary calling at all the major stops, tiger, zoo, Manta point etc. We managed to see everything we wanted to except a whale shark.The crew on both the boats worked very hard. The chef was the same chef a year ago, and the white, as were the same as a year ago, so this shows that the boat runs in a fairly stable manner.
Amazing experience every time We have been aboard Blue Horizon 3 already 3 times, last time in November 2022. The boat is spacious and comfortable even with with 20+ divers aboard. The crew is very friendly and helpful, always eager to solve any problem. Also the chef and his assistants do an amazing job, so apart from wonderful diving adventure you also get a great culinary experience! The dive guides led by Nicole are very responsible and attentive, before every dive there is a detailed briefing, they always check if everything is ok while divers are gearing up before a dive and make sure that each dive is well planned and as safe as can be while the Dhoni crew help with the equipment. We were lucky enough to visit a lot of different dive spots and spot sharks (including whale, tiger and nurse), as well as mantas, rays, turtles, but also incredible coral reefs with beautiful micro creatures, wrecks, so each dive was interesting and memorable. You can really feel that everybody on the boat is trying to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. We made a direct booking and Ameer was very helpful in providing us with all necessary information and arrangements.
Макар Р
Макар Р
Жирный трип на яхте Круизная яхта HORIZON III построена в нулевых, но о качестве сервиса так не скажешь. Команда местных ребят отлично справляется со своими обязанностями. Каждый прием пищи уникален по своему, изыски в репертуаре шефа просто безграничны. Настоятельно рекомендую познакомится с персонажем по кличке «Шаби», искупает с акулами и скатами, покажет лучшие острова и составит интересную программу на этот день. Из минусов файфай который работает только в лобби и на втором этаже.
Brice Rojas
Brice Rojas
Very Pleased I booked a trip with the guys at Horizon III. I had the best time on the boat.The guides and the crew are very friendly. They showed us around whenever possible, and made an effort for everything to be easy for us.Now about the boat, the dives and overall service. I cannot stress enough how excellent the service is on board. The guides were very experienced and helpful, with a safety-first attitude. The cabins are cleaned every day, the food exceeded our expectations by a lot. Thanks guys!I highly recommend them 🙂
Otto Thomson
Otto Thomson
BEST LIVEABOARD EVER Words are not enough to describe our experience with Horizon III Maldives Liveaboard. Maldives is simply amazing, visibility is great. We were so lucky we saw turtles, sharks, rays and dozens of other smaller and bigger animals. The boat is very comfortable and nice and can easily accommodate 20+ pax without being cramped. The briefing was good, the food, the diving, the crew, especially Ranga has been very good. The crew is always there for whatever you might need them. The guides were very helpful. The food was in plenty, different options available. They catered to our dietary requirements really well. All in all It was a very good trip and I’d rate it a 5 STAR. There are ways to improve a few things but can’t really complain much about it. Important is the diving and how well the dives are managed.
More Information We Believe You Should Know 👋
  • (Length – Overall, Beam and Draft) Length 36 meters/Width 09.50 meters
  • Engine 2 engines x 360 HP DOOSAN Daewoo (Dual Screw)
  • Certified: Inspected and Certified by Ministry of Transport Male’, Maldives
  • Navigation: Compass, Maps, GPS • Speed: 10 to 14 Knots
  • Generators: AC 220V, 50Hz (British Sockets), 77 Kw DOOSAN x 85Kz DOOSAN
  • Water Maker: 2 x 6 ton per day Aqua Reef
  • Diesel 8 Ton
  • Tender – 1: 18 meter Dhoni with 3 crew for transfers, diving or surfing or excursions etc.
  • Tender – 2: 06 meter Boston Whaler with outboard engine for surfing and excursions.
  • Brand Fire Extinguishers
  • Oxygen Mask Emergency Oxygen kit on board
  • First Aid Kit available on board
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