FAQs for Diving in Maldives (HORIZON III)


Q 1. Which tanks (All or steel, volume) are used?

A: All tanks are Aluminum but they are neutral when empty.

Q 2. Any bigger (15L) tanks available on request?

A: Yes we have 6 15L tanks available on request with extra charge.

Q 3. O2 on Dhoni and on board, which system?

A: Yes O2 have on dhoni and can be taken on boat if necessary on a zap.

Q 4. Do you have Defibrillator on board?

A: No we don’t have a Defibrillator on board.

Q 5. Do you have Lifeline (gps tag/communication system) available?

A: No as of now we haven’t been in need of it cause we never do risky dives.

Q 6. Do you do Muck diving?

A: No, we don’t do muck diving in Maldives


Q 1. Mentioned 9 cabins (=18 pax) but in charter section mentioned 22 beds?

A: There are 2 Deluxe Cabins and 8 sharing rooms and one single room.

Q 2. Do you have Life jackets in the cabins?

A: Yes two life jacket in cabins

Q 3. Do you have Hairdryers in the cabins?

A: No

Q 4. Do you have Safety deposit box in cabin/ elsewhere?

A: No

Q 5. Are there double beds that can split in single (or other way around) in any cabins?

A: There 4 rooms, room 1,2,7 and 8 two single beds that can put together to make double.

Q 6. Does the suite has the same surcharge (75USD pp) as the two deluxe rooms?

A: (Bigger, with TV, bath)

Q 7. Main deck room not for rent normally?

A: Yep main deck will be taken for dive guides.

Q8. Is Shampoo and soup supplied in bathrooms?

A: No

Q9. In the suite is a TV, what to do with it . . . dvd player, media system?

A: Before was using a DVD player.


Q1: Snorkel sets available for non-diver (charged or free)?

A: Yes available charged.

Q2: Kayaks available or other water sport stuff?

A: Not on the boat at the moment.

Q3: Fishing possible, what kind of gear?

A: Fishing is possible, long line,fishing rode.

Q4: Some library (left books, fishhooks)?

A: Yes



Q1: Check-in between 8 and 12, transfer to boat at 12 only?

A: Yes around 12 depends on how quick everybody is out and if the boat rooms are ready for the new arrival if same day guest leave.

Q2: Checkout time?

A: Check out at 7 in the morning because if new guest arrive same day need time to clean the boat and make rooms before the guest arrive on boat at 12.

Q3: Ticket prices to local airports seem high?

A: Maybe return tickets?

Q4: Payment via bank transfer only?

A: Yes

Q5: Surcharge for credit card on board? Master, visa and more?

A: Yes 3.5% for Amex and 2.5% for Master also for Visa.

Q6: Any discount for babies/children? (Adding bed possible?)

A: No

Q7: Understood 4 dive guides, always an instructor there?

A: Yes

Q8: Understood one Spanish guy and 3 Maldivian, correct?

A: Yes

Q9: Total crew on board?

A: 9 crew on boat without dive guides 4 and dhoni crew 3.

Q10: How many minimum Guests for the trip?

A: We need minimum 10pax for the month of June, July, August and September. But we don’t need minimum 10pax guarantee on the month of October to April.

Q11: What means SUP available for rent? What is a SUP?

Stand up paddle board for surfing  and also find the attached equipment rental form.

Q12: Please provide me your bank details for payment of bookings.

Please see below the account information.

Bank of Ceylon, Male’, Maldives.
Cover is to be credited
Beneficiary: BLUE HORIZON PTE. LTD., Maldives  
A/C Nr.: 632 000 9889
Bank: Bank of Ceylon, Male’, Republic of Maldives.  

Beneficiary: BLUE HORIZON PTE. LTD., Maldives
Account Number: ‎‎1260 152962 0002
Bank: State Bank of India, Male’ Branch, Republic of Maldives.

Huvadhoo Atoll Frequently Asked Questions & Answers:

Why Surf in Huvadhoo Atoll and not Male’ or Central Atolls?

Huvadhoo Atoll is less crowded and surf spots are closer to each other than in Male’ or Central Atolls.

The surf & swell has been very consistent in July 2016 and so we can say it is better than other locations.

What time is the Check In and Check Out on scheduled Arrival & Departure Dates?

Check IN              :             20:00 hrs.

Check OUT         :             16:30 hrs.

What if I arrive early morning International flight on Check-In Day, can I go surfing in Male’ Atoll ?

You can charter a dhoni around USD 600 and go surfing (1 to 10 pax) same price and come back around 18:00hrs to airport for domestic flight to KDM (Kaadehdhoo Island). Meals and water are extra.

What if I arrive or depart not on scheduled dates and times from Huvadhoo Atoll, any speed boat ?

Then we have to charter a Speed Boat for you and that would cost around USD 300 per trip (1 to 4 pax with luggage).

Which Domestic Flights is recommend closest to check in and check out times of Horizon-2 ?

The best domestic flights closer to our Check In and Check Out times are as follows:

1 Q2  148 R       MLEKDM HK14      2310-6 0020

2 Q2  144 R       KDMMLE HK14      1855-2 2005

When does the surfing stop on last day?

Surfing stops on last day at 12:00 hours to move to airport.

How much Cash should I bring for 10 days trip ?

It is recommended to bring around Cash of USD 395 to pay for the bar bill (USD 100 to 170 depends on your consumption), internet (USD 35.00), picnic island charge (USD 10 per person for entry), Photos (USD 50+), T-Shirt (USD 15.00) and tips to crew (USD 100 which is around per 10 days trip).

How much is the Bar Tab?

It depends on how much you drink, generally USD 100 to 170 will be enough for the beer , wine and spirit and soft drinks. A beer is USD 3.5 and a bottle of wine is USD 25 to 30 per bottle.

What is the currency accepted at the boat?

We accept Euro and United States of American Dollars. The notes should be not damaged, drawn or torn. The Banks in Maldives does not accept if any notes have the above mentioned fault. So we advise the guests to bring notes that fit into the above mentioned criteria.

How much should we tip?

It depends; generally you can pay USD 10 per guest per day.

How much is a T Shirt?

A T-Shirt costs around USD 20 per T shirt.

How much are pictures?

30 pictures is sold around USD 50.00 to USD 100 and more pictures would be more expensive.

How much is the WiFi Internet charges per trip?

USD 35.00 per person for 1 person for 10 days. The password should not be shared.

What is the Maximum Length of Surf Boards to be taken on Domestic Flights ?

As per Island Aviation we can accommodate maximum 12 surfers with 08 boards (with bag) of not more than 8ft in length (each board bag should not hold more than 2 boards) on a flight operated with Dash 8 300 & Dash 8 200 aircraft, depending on the availability of volume and weight on such flight.

Who can surf and what are the sizes of waves?

From novice to professionals, the waves are from 3 feet to 6 feet. Rarely 12 feet (very good swell).

Which type of plugs and sockets does the boat have?

We have British plugs and sockets.

Are Long boards and SUP boards available for rent?

Yes available for the below prices:

> SUP / Paddle Board for USD 25 per day.

> Long board for USD 20 per day.