FAQs for Diving in Maldives (HORIZON III)


Q 1. Which tanks (All or steel, volume) are used?

A: All tanks are Aluminum but they are neutral when empty.

Q 2. Any bigger (15L) tanks available on request?

A: Yes we have 6 15L tanks available on request with extra charge.

Q 3. O2 on Dhoni and on board, which system?

A: Yes O2 have on dhoni and can be taken on boat if necessary on a zap.

Q 4. Do you have Defibrillator on board?

A: No we don’t have a Defibrillator on board.

Q 5. Do you have Lifeline (gps tag/communication system) available?

A: No as of now we haven’t been in need of it cause we never do risky dives.


Q 1. Mentioned 9 cabins (=18 pax) but in charter section mentioned 22 beds?

A: There are 2 Deluxe Cabins and 8 sharing rooms and one single room.

Q 2. Do you have Life jackets in the cabins?

A: Yes two life jacket in cabins

Q 3. Do you have Hairdryers in the cabins?

A: No

Q 4. Do you have Safety deposit box in cabin/ elsewhere?

A: No

Q 5. Are there double beds that can split in single (or other way around) in any cabins?

A: There 4 rooms, room 1,2,7 and 8 two single beds that can put together to make double.

Q 6. Does the suite has the same surcharge (75USD pp) as the two deluxe rooms?

A: (Bigger, with TV, bath)

Q 7. Main deck room not for rent normally?

A: Yep main deck will be taken for dive guides.

Q8. Is Shampoo and soup supplied in bathrooms?

A: No

Q9. In the suite is a TV, what to do with it . . . dvd player, media system?

A: Before was using a DVD player.


Q1: Snorkel sets available for non-diver (charged or free)?

A: Yes available charged.

Q2: Kayaks available or other water sport stuff?

A: Not on the boat at the moment.

Q3: Fishing possible, what kind of gear?

A: Fishing is possible, long line,fishing rode.

Q4: Some library (left books, fishhooks)?

A: Yes



Q1: Check-in between 8 and 12, transfer to boat at 12 only?

A: Yes around 12 depends on how quick everybody is out and if the boat rooms are ready for the new arrival if same day guest leave.

Q2: Checkout time?

A: Check out at 7 in the morning because if new guest arrive same day need time to clean the boat and make rooms before the guest arrive on boat at 12.

Q3: Ticket prices to local airports seem high?

A: Maybe return tickets?

Q4: Payment via bank transfer only?

A: Yes

Q5: Surcharge for credit card on board? Master, visa and more?

A: Yes 3.5% for Amex and 2.5% for Master also for Visa.

Q6: Any discount for babies/children? (Adding bed possible?)

A: No

Q7: Understood 4 dive guides, always an instructor there?

A: Yes

Q8: Understood one Spanish guy and 3 Maldivian, correct?

A: Yes

Q9: Total crew on board?

A: 9 crew on boat without dive guides 4 and dhoni crew 3.

Q10: How many minimum Guests for the trip?

A: We need minimum 10pax for the month of June, July, August and September. But we don’t need minimum 10pax guarantee on the month of October to April.

Q11: What means SUP available for rent? What is a SUP?

Stand up paddle board for surfing  and also find the attached equipment rental form.

Q12: Please provide me your bank details for payment of bookings.

Please see below the account information.

Bank of Ceylon, Male’, Maldives.
Cover is to be credited
Beneficiary: BLUE HORIZON PTE. LTD., Maldives  
A/C Nr.: 632 000 9889
Bank: Bank of Ceylon, Male’, Republic of Maldives.