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Surfing in Maldives (FAQ) Maldives Surf Trips

Surfing in Maldives (Frequently Asked Questions)

General FAQ

The best time to surf in the Maldives is the Southern Hemisphere winter, from March until October. The peak of the swell being in August. During the North-East monsoon (from March ’til April), conditions are optimal in the “Southern Atolls“. From May to October, the surfing is quite good in Huvadhoo as well. Less crowded and all the surf breaks are nearby. 


From June to August, the North Male atoll surf breaks are busier as different surfers come to Maldives. Surf breaks are quite far in North and South Male region! However, it’s perfectly possible to surf in less crowded surf breaks! This is why we surf in Huvadhoo Atoll, where surf breaks are nearby and less crowded and the swells are really great

Make sure your luggage is light weight as it’s really hot in the Maldives. Oh, and don’t forget the sunscreen! 😉 On board we have towels. You can also bring snorkeling gear and a fishing rod if you like catching some fishes.

About the Surf Safari

We have 6 cabins on board and each cabin can have 2 pax. Each cabin has air con and a toilet.

We start the day by offering a Coffee. The boat will be anchored where the conditions are excellent. Around 6 AM after the first session of the morning, a delicious breakfast will be served by the crew. You can let the crew know anytime to drop you to the surf break by a dingy. Once you’re done with surfing, you have an oppurtunity to explore a local island and catch fish and just snorkel with Manta rays, Sting Rays and beautiful fishes. After you finish your last session of the day, you can get to enjoy a Maldivian Sunset and grab a beer and music will help you reinforce to gear towarsd the next day. The dinner is served around 7.30 PM, after it you can go to the upper deck and just relax.

Yes we do. In fact, you can ask crew to set you up the fishing rod if you don’t know how to do it! Crew and the captain will happily help you to catch some Tuna 😉 

You can always ask the crew or captain to take you to a local island for an island hopping. You can snorkel, dive, read books, fishing, relaxing and more. Dingy is usually used to take the guests to the island and is used for surfers.

Yes it possible, we can arrange a dive for you! Please inform us at the time of the booking so it can be arranged. Do get a DAN insurance and a health medical certificate along with your diving certificate. If you’re alone, we can take you to a resort and if it’s a group who want to dive a day or two, we can arrange a dive dhoni that will have the necessary equipment.

Yes, the boat has 220 to 240 KWS plugs and a universal plug adapter.


That’s the best part about being on Horizon II. Our cook will surely make your trip the delicious one with his majestic skills. The food consist of sausages, pasta, spaghetti, tuna, fried rice, veggie, salad, fresh juice, apple juice, pizza, BBQ at a sand bank (subject to weather) Masooni with Roshi (Maldivian breakfast) and much more. 

Spoiler Alert: The food on Horizon II is AMAZING! 😉

Huvadhoo Atoll 

Huvadhoo Atoll is less crowded and surf spots are closer to each other than in Male’ or Central Atolls. The surf & swell has been very consistent in July 2016 and its better than other locations. Surf points in Huvadhoo are of international standards and swells are really great.

Check IN              :             20:00 hrs.

Check OUT         :             16:30 hrs.

You can charter a dhoni around USD 600 and go surfing (1 to 10 pax) same price and come back around 18:00hrs to airport for domestic flight to KDM (Kaadehdhoo Island). Meals and water are extra.

In that case we have to charter a Speed Boat for you and that would cost around USD 300 per trip (1 to 4 pax with luggage).

The best domestic flights closer to our Check In and Check Out times are as follows:

  1 Q2  148 R       MLEKDM HK14      2310-6 0020

  2 Q2  144 R       KDMMLE HK14      1855-2 2005

Surfing stops on last day at 12:00 hours to move to airport.

It is recommended to bring around Cash of USD 395 to pay for the bar bill (USD 100 to 170 depends on your consumption), internet (USD 35.00), picnic island charge (USD 10 per person for entry), Photos (USD 50+), T-Shirt (USD 15.00) and tips to crew (USD 100 which is around per 10 days trip).

It depends on how much you drink, generally USD 100 to 170 will be enough for the beer , wine and spirit and soft drinks. A beer is USD 4 and a bottle of wine is USD 25 to 30 per bottle.

We accept Euro and United States of American Dollars. The notes should be not damaged, drawn or torn. The Banks in Maldives does not accept if any notes have the above mentioned fault. So we advise the guests to bring notes that fit into the above mentioned criteria.

It depends; generally you can pay USD 10 per guest per day. Can pay more if happy! 

A T-Shirt costs around USD 20 per T shirt.

30 pictures is sold around USD 50.00 to USD 100 and more pictures would be more expensive.

USD 35.00 per person for 1 person for 10 days. The password should not be shared.

Allowable Surf Boards that can be accommodate in the aircraft: (Accommodation of surfboards for ATR Aircrafts has a maximum load size)

  • A maximum 4 Surfboards with the dimensions lower than or equal to 6 feet 10 inches (Length) x 2 feet (Width) x 10 inches (Breadth).
  • A maximum 6 Surfboards with the dimensions lower than or equal to 5 feet 10 inches (Length) x 2 feet (Width) x 10 inches (Breadth).
  • NOTE: Hence, those passengers carrying surfboards scheduled in ATRs will be carried subject to availability and shall be uplifted in a later or earlier Dash8 Aircraft.

From novice to professionals, the waves are from 3 feet to 6 feet. Rarely 12 feet (very good swell).

We have British plugs and sockets.

Yes available for the below prices:

> SUP / Paddle Board for USD 25 per day.

> Long board for USD 20 per day.

Island Aviation have decided to levy a charge for the seats that are blocked to accommodate the surfboards and dive gear.

A 25kg free baggage allowance for each passenger (diver / surfer) shall be provided for each adult and child passenger excluding infants. Excess baggage shall be charged at the following rate

New Excess Baggage Charges



MLE / GAN vv


MLE / FVM vv


MLE / KDM vv


MLE / GKK vv


MLE / RUL vv


MLE / KDO vv


MLE / TMF vv


MLE / HAQ vv


MLE / FND vv


MLE / HDK vv


MLE / HRF vv


MLE / NMF vv


MLE / LMV vv


MLE / IFU vv


MLE / DRV vv


The Surf FAQ

March to October is a very good period for Surfing in Huvadhoo atoll. Huvadhoo is less crowded, has amazing swells and almost all the surf breaks are nearby. The swells are consistent.

We usually recommend an intermediate surfing level to enjoy the surf in the Maldives. In he Southern Atolls, the waves are quite powerful, enormous and therefore a good level is required. If you are a non-surfer and have never surfed before, there will be session for you so you can learn about surfing. 

The Maldives have in general more rights than lefts. it’s a 60% – 40% and the most consistent wind is off shore for the rights and cross shore for the lefts; it means that you probably will surf more rights than lefts. However it is possible to surf some excellent world class left handers.

There are more rights in Huvadhoo atoll. However, you can find some lefts as well. 

In Male region, the surf breaks are quite far and over crowded.It can take 4 to 6 hours to reach to different atoll to surf. In southern atoll, Huvadhoo – the waves are close to each other from 30 to 45 minutes distance and two breaks can be found at each corner. That’s why recommend surfing in Huvadhoo.

You can bring a 5’11, 6’0  and you can usually bring 3 boards. Two are enough but can bring three. You can bring a long board as well but have to inform us so we can rent it. Long board cost $20