Surf Etiquette: They are quite important. 

It’s very important to observe the correct etiquette while out surfing, otherwise, things will just descend into total chaos.

Most of the do’s and don’ts here are explained in detail below.

Do try to stick by these rules, keep yourself out of trouble, and enjoy your surfing.

Also,take a look at the surfing rules for related information.


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Whether you are a visitor or local at the surf spot near you do there is a certain rule, unwritten of course, which everyone should follow as a common courtesy.

Surf Etiquette Everyone Should Know

I have taken the time to talk to a few surfers, local and visitors and read on the internet about the dos, and don’ts of surf in a spot, and compiled them here down below.

#1 Don’t drop in on someone’s wave or the locals say it, “raalhah nubeyneythi”
Cutting in front of other surfers who are up and riding is a quick way of getting yourself in trouble with the locals. Observe the right of way and you should be fine.

#2 Don’t snake
Don’t paddle around someone to get into the inside position on a wave is a no go.

You do this then you’re just looking for trouble with other surfers or the locals.

#3 Don’t hog the waves
Share them around. Even if you can paddle furthest outside and catch the waves first every time you reach the lineup, don’t do it.

People will quickly get annoyed at this sort of behavior and will simply start dropping in at every opportunity.

Again, everything descends into chaos!

#4 Learn the right way to paddling out

This includes not throwing your board or paddling into the path of other surfers.

Take a moment to relax and chill.

You will get your turn to paddle in on the thrill.

#5 Surf the spots that suit your ability
Try not to pick a spot that is out of your ability range.

You’ll only end up upsetting the other surfers by getting in the way or being a potential hazard for everyone and yourself too.

The same goes for the board if you’re renting one locally. Newbies or intermediates on longer boards and skilled on shorter more agile boards.

You can find a guide to the best surf points right here on our website; choose spots wisely.

#6 Respect the beach
The Maldives is a heaven for surfers.

What most of the visitors I’ve talked to, always highlighted the beauty of the white smooth sandy beaches of our country.

The pureness and cleanliness of the beaches go a long way in giving you those positive and spiritual vibes.

The same applies to the waves you surf on. Leave only footprints. Don’t litter, graffiti, vandalize, or do anything that may negatively impact the beach, sea, or reefs.

#7 ALWAYS Apologise
If you drop in on someone, run over someone, let your board fly all over the place, or breach the etiquette and rules of the spot in any way, just apologize.

Saying sorry goes some way to smoothing things over.

Continuously being “that dude” will result in getting yourself beaten up bad, not by the locals but even by the waves, even if you say sorry.

#8 Respect the Locals
I can’t stress this enough or neither can local surf guides, locals and local pros either.


Keep in mind that the locals surf the spot every day. Give respect and behave while visiting a spot, keep things friendly, earn some respect yourself.

Don’t mob surf spots in large numbers.

In the Maldives just like in other countries, there is a saying very common among surfers “respect the locals or go home!” Wise words.

And last but not least have fun. Wave loads of it. Being the nice guy really gets you a good time when you’re out and about trying to conquer the waves 🙂

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