Dive Videos From Horizon III, the Ocean Oasis

Horizon III the Ocean Oasis

We are opening Horizon III, the Ocean Oasis for weekly Scuba Diving cruises from 1st May to 30th September 2016.

Ocean Oasis, the fiber glass twin engine yacht is among the best boats in Maldives, which began her trips on 2009. Agreeing to let you have a mind relaxing and a comfortable journey in a superior way; she accommodates 12 cabins and the living lodgings are completed with restaurant, fully provided with favourite drinks, bar, spa and sun deck. In addition, you will find a Jacuzzi to relax watching the sunset or sunrise.

Here are some videos taken on her past journeys across the Maldives.





It’s your chance to dive in different and less frequented dive sites; specifically chosen for the conditions and variety from our huge repertoire on a 7 day cruise onboard Horizon III, the “Ocean Oasis” with a minimum of 17 dives including a night dive.

Special Offers

Early Bird Deal

Be one of the first 10 divers to book Horizon III May to September and get 10% discount from any charter.

Group Offer (valid until 30th April 2016)

Group of 24 divers who book (private charter) for 14 nights (2 weeks charter) gets 15% Discount.

Group of 24 divers who book (private charter) for 7 nights (1 week charter) gets 10% Discount.

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