Daniel Levitin said, “Our bodies like rhythm and our brains like melody and harmony.” No wonder why we smile, sing along and groove to music without even realizing it. There’s tons of research to show therapeutic powers of music. No matter where you are – whether stuck in traffic, lying on the beach or cleaning the house – a great playlist on your iPod can make an enormous difference. It makes you happier and more energetic.

So, we’ve put together a list of songs that ought to make your stay in Maldives ten times better.

  1. Soak Up the Sun – Sheryl Crow

This is a must in everyone’s summer song list; simple, but beautiful lyrics and a fun video to match it. Anyone who watches the song would want to hit the beach immediately.

  1. To The Sea – Jack Johnson

There is a reason why Jack Johnson’s songs have such great, beachy, fun vibes. He once said in an interview, “Surfing is more ingrained in who I am. It’s what my family does together. The waves are a social place where we meet up with friends, and where I go to visit my father, who’s passed on. Whenever I go out on the ocean, I feel like he’s still with us. And he still is, in certain ways.” Jack Johnson’s songs alone can make summers or beach days better.

  1. Seaside – The Kooks

An uplifting number, Seaside, is the kind of song that will brighten up your morning. If you’re in Maldives, you can definitely relate to the lyrics of this song.

  1. California Gurls – Katy Perry

California Gurls is a song that would make every girl groove to the beat and sing like there is no tomorrow.

  1. Summer Nights – John Travolta and Olivia Newton John

People have once again rediscovered the songs of 1978 American musical romantic comedy “Grease” starring John Travolta, after the hugely successful live musical performance “Grease Live” on Fox end of last month. Thus Summer Nights is a great summer song from this evergreen movie.

  1. Cabin By The Sea – Dirty Heads

This pop-rock-raggae band sure knows how to captivate people through their lyrics and groovy melodies. Cabin By The Sea is the title track of their summer album released in 2012. The entire album is pretty great but this song is definitely a must on a summer/beach vacation list.

  1. Surfer Girl – The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys is another great rock band that has produced fun summer classics. There is a reason these songs always find their way into our playlists again and again.

  1. Big Blue Sea – Bob Schneider

OK! So the lyrics of this song may not exactly be “happy” but we can’t deny that it’s got a fun groove to it and makes you sing along without really thinking too much about the lyrics.

  1. Under The Sea – Little Mermaid

It would be a sin to not put this song on a summer song list. This is probably the first song that comes to anyone’s mind when they think about songs related to the sea.


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