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FAQ (Surf Charter in Huvadhoo) 

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Check IN              :             20:00 hrs.

Check OUT         :             16:30 hrs.

You can charter a dhoni around USD 600 and go surfing (1 to 10 pax) same price and come back around 18:00hrs to airport for domestic flight to KDM (Kaadehdhoo Island). Meals and water are extra.

In that case we have to charter a Speed Boat for you and that would cost around USD 300 per trip (1 to 4 pax with luggage).

The best domestic flights closer to our Check In and Check Out times are as follows:

1 Q2  148 R       MLEKDM HK14      2310-6 0020

2 Q2  144 R       KDMMLE HK14      1855-2 2005

Surfing stops on last day at 12:00 hours to move to airport.

It is recommended to bring around Cash of USD 395 to pay for the bar bill (USD 100 to 170 depends on your consumption), internet (USD 35.00), picnic island charge (USD 10 per person for entry), Photos (USD 50+), T-Shirt (USD 15.00) and tips to crew (USD 100 which is around per 10 days trip).

It depends on how much you drink, generally USD 100 to 170 will be enough for the beer , wine and spirit and soft drinks. A beer is USD 4 and a bottle of wine is USD 35 to 45 per bottle.

We accept Euro and United States of American Dollars. The notes should be not damaged, drawn or torn. The Banks in Maldives does not accept if any notes have the above mentioned fault. So we advise the guests to bring notes that fit into the above mentioned criteria.

It depends; generally you can pay USD 10 per guest per day. Can pay more if happy!

A T-Shirt costs around USD 20 per T shirt.

30 pictures is sold around USD 50.00 to USD 100 and more pictures would be more expensive.

USD 35.00 per person for 1 person for 10 days. The password should not be shared.

As per Island Aviation we can accommodate maximum 12 surfers with 08 boards (with bag) of not more than 8ft in length (each board bag should not hold more than 2 boards) on a flight operated with Dash 8 300 & Dash 8 200 aircraft, depending on the availability of volume and weight on such flight.

From novice to professionals, the waves are from 3 feet to 6 feet. Rarely 12 feet (very good swell).

Yes available for the below prices:

> SUP / Paddle Board for USD 25 per day.

> Long board for USD 20 per day.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Secure Payment

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