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Itinerary Laamu to Huvadhoo

Dive Itinerary on Horizon III (Laamu to Huvadhoo)

Laamu to Huvadhoo 

Get ready for the ultimate Maldives dive experience, as you come with us for 1 full week of sun, sand, and fun. The Maldives is a beautiful chain of over 1,200 islands and 26 major atolls. It is no wonder that this is one of the finest warm-weather charter destinations in the world.
Enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and diving in some of the clearest waters, and pristine dive spots in the world.

Laamu to Huvadhoo (7 nights)

This cruise is totally for channel dive lovers, possible to see all kinds of sharks known to Maldives waters, eagle rays, green turtles and fantastic hard coral.

Good trip to take your dive experience to the next level.

Soft corals in blue, yellow and pink and schooling fishes are significant in the north

And who doesn’t like to see these majestic creatures? Let us make your trip the most memorable!

Day 1: We depart for the adventure of a lifetime! Get ready for some fun, sun and amazing diving! You do the check-in, meet the crew, a warm welcome, Safety briefing, prepare dive equipment, dinner on board. Check Dive on the first day.

Day 2:

  • Dive 1. Fushi Kandu
  • Dive 2. Maabaidhoo Kandu
  • Dive 3. Five Thila
  • If the weather permits, we cross the one and half Degree channel (Approx 8 hours to cross) If the weather doesn’t permit, then we have to Cross on the 3rd day.

Day-3 We can do 3 dives only if we cross the channel at night. If we can’t cross the channel at night then we will only do 1 dive on 3rd day after arriving in Huvadhoo.

  • Dive 1: Huvadhoo north out reef 
  • Dive 2: VillinGili Kandu
  • Dive 3: Kooddoo Giri Night anchor for whale shark
    Laamu’ to Huvadhoo (7 nights)


  • Dive 1. VillinGili Kandu
  • Dive 2. Nilandhoo Kandu
  • Dive 3. Maareha Beyru Night anchor (BBQ night)

Day 5

  • Dive 1: Gemanafushi Beyru
  • Dive 2: Maareha Kandu
  • Dive 3: Kodey Kandu Anchorage

Day 6

  • Dive 1: Kuredhdhoo Kandu
  • Dive 2: Nilandhoo Kandu
  • Dive 3: Nilandhoo Thila Anchorage

Day 7 Snorkeling + Island Hopping

Day 8 Check-out between 7 – 9 AM. Transfer to the airport.

Help Maldives work on sustainable development by diving with Blue Horizon. Blue Horizon works with UNDP to develop Maldives. We contribute to social projects.
Note: The itineraries are tentative and will change based on the weather condition, current and waves.

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