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Explore the longest unbroken barrier reef in the Maldives!!


Felidhoo (Vaavu) Atoll

Vaavu Atoll is an administrative division of the Maldives comprising the natural atolls of Felidhoo Atoll and the Vattaru Reef. This atoll is located 40 miles from capital Malé, approximately 60 minutes by speedboat. Vaavu Atoll is a true geographical wonder. It is a boot-shaped atoll and the ‘toe’, Fotteyo Muli is the easternmost point of the Maldives archipelago. In addition to this, the 55 kilometres long unbroken reef that stretches from the ‘toe’ to the ‘heel’ of the ‘boot’ is the longest reef in the Maldives.

Vaavu Thinadhoo Island

The tiny island of Vaavu Thinadhoo is a tourism success story untold. This is an island with only a fewpeople and five guest houses. The guests live freely among locals and there is mutual love and respect on both sides. Most of the tourists that comes to the island are divers & repeater who would not need any invitation to join dinner or lunch in any house. The island provides guest with a real living adventurous version of holiday which typical resorts do not provide to their guests.

Fotteyo Falhu

Vaavu Atoll boasts Fotteyo Falhu – the largest unbroken barrier reef in the Maldives, also considered by many as the best dive site in the country and one of the top five in the world. The reef is 50 km long and the easternmost point of the Maldives archipelago. One of the features of this diving area is the deep channels known as Kandus that bring in fast-flowing currents full of nutrients.

Throughout the year you can find many sharks in the heavy currents and there are many thrilling shark dive sites. As well as plenty of grey reef and white tip reef sharks, you may be lucky enough to see hammerhead sharks. In addition, you will also be treated to encounters with huge schools of fish such as barracuda, snapper and trevally. For these reasons this dive site is in high demand.


Fotteyo Kandu is a favorite dive site and is considered by some to be one of the best dive sites in the Maldives due to the vast array of marine life that can be found there. The channel is narrow and features swim-throughs, small caves and large overhangs. The drop-off at the channel entrance is covered in colorful soft corals. Titan triggerfish are common here along with grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks, tuna and barracuda.

In the early morning you might be lucky enough to get a glimpse of hammerhead sharks in the most outer side of the channel. This is also where eagle rays can be spotted, along with big groupers such as the potato grouper and the black saddle coral groupers. Look out for sting rays resting on the patch of sand and turtles on the channel walls.

Alimathaa Night Dive

To dive at Alimathaa Island Dhekunu Kandu, or ‘South Channel’, and at Devana Kandu (‘Second Channel’) you start at the south western corner of either of the 2 channels and follow the reef as it slopes gently downwards on either side of the channel. These 2 sites offer encounters with several different rays including and squadrons of spotted eagle rays and big marbled stingrays. There is a small drop off on the right side at the beginning of the channel that is covered in stunning hard coral and some soft corals. The current is mostly moderate to extremely strong bringing in white tip reef sharks, giant trevally, tuna, huge schools of snappers, unicornfish and masses of fusiliers.


Alimathaa is also home to an amazing night dive. Typically, night dives elsewhere are slow paced searches for macro life, such as crustaceans and sea snails; not at Alimathaa Jetty. The resort at Alimathaa has been feeding fish and resident nurse sharks at the jetty for several years. Although the practice has supposedly stopped, the area is full of overgrown but harmless nurse sharks on the prowl for a free lunch (or supper). Some of these nurse sharks are comfortably over 3m long and have huge girths and are impressive at startling sight on night dives. Many giant trevally have got wise to this easy meal time and they too sweep the area in large numbers. Black-blotched stingrays and Tahitian stingrays also frequent the area for tasty morsels and often clamber over divers in their search for free food.

Miyaru Kandu

Bodu Miyaru Kandu, or ‘Big Shark Channel’, is another top dive site and certainly lives up to its name. Dropping in at the south eastern corner you keep the reef on your left until you reach the drop off at the channel entrance which is approximately 30 metres deep. This site features small caves, numerous overhangs, and there is a sloping section on the left side of the channel covered in corals.


A variety of marine life, including tuna, large schools of grey reef sharks, white tip reef sharks and Napoleon wrasse can be seen here, as well as many colorful reef fish. An underwater photographer’s paradise! Mantas can often be seen too when the channel current is out flowing.


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BCD $5.00 per dive$300 per item
Regulator$5.00 per dive$300 per item
Computer$5.00 per dive$400 per item
Wetsuit$5.00 per dive$100 per item
Snorkeling set$8.00 per dive$120 per set
Mask and snorkel $5.00 per dive$80 per set
Fins$5.00 per dive$70 per item
SMB (surface marker buoy)$5.00 per dive$50 per item
15 Liters Tank (bigger)$10.00 per diveLost weight - $10 per KG; Lost weight belt - $30
Full set equipment (per day)$12.00 per diveLost dive torch - $200



PADI Discover Scuba Diving course (min. 10 y.o.)

$100.00 per person

For non-divers (theory + confined + dive) - 1 dive. Max. depth - 12 meters.

PADI Open Water course (min. 15 y.o.)$560.00 per person

4-5-days course: 5 theory modules, 5 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives. Max. depth - 18 meters.

PADI Junior Open Water course (min.10 y.o.)$ 560.00 per person

4-5-days course: 5 theory modules, 5 confined water sessions and 4 open water dives.

PADI Advanced Open Water course (min. 15 y.o.)$ 410.00 per person

2-3-days course, 5dives + 5 theory modules. Max. depth - 30 meters.

PADI Junior Advanced Open Water course (min. 12 y.o.)$ 410.00 per person

2-3-days course, 5dives + 5 theory modules. Max. depth - 21 meters.

PADI Rescue course (min. 15 y.o.)$ 610.00 per person

10 Open water exercises +2 scenarios

PADI Junior Rescue course (min. 12 y.o.)$ 610.00 per person

10 Open water exercises +2 scenarios

PADI Dive Master course/(18 y.o)$ 900.00 per person

PADI Emergency First Response course$ 100.00 per person

PADI Scuba Review course (min. 10 y.o.)$ 95.00 per person

1 dive in confined water to refresh skills for certified divers who had a long non-diving period.

PADI Bubble Maker Course (8 and 9 y.o)$85.00 per person

1 dive confined open water, max depth 2 meters

PADI Nitrox course (min. 12 y.o.)$ 260.00 per person

Student must be minimum (Junior) Open Water Diver. No dives, theory only.

PADI Deep Diver course (min. 15 y.o.)$ 310.00 per person

4 open water dives + theory. Max. depth - 40 meters.

PADI Wreck Diver Course (min. 15 y.o.)$ 250.0 per person

min adventure diver certification. 4 open water dives + theory.

PADI Drift Diver course (min. 12 y.o.)$ 250.00 per person

2 dives + theory. Max. depth - depends on student's certification level.

PADI Night Diver course (min. 12 y.o.)$ 280.00 per person

Min. (Junior) Open Water Certification. 3 open water dives + theory.

PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy course (min. 10 y.o.)$ 250.00 per person

Min. (Junior) Open Water Certification. 2 open water dives + theory.

All the above prices are subject to 6% GST (Maldives Government Tax)


A stay in harmony with the lush vegetation of the island, in a family environment with shades, ideal for those who love spontaneity and simplicity in a context where the guest curated will also appreciate the details of refined welcome.


The lodge is equipped with every comfort, offers the tranquility guaranteed by the presence of only five bungalows. The dinners by candlelight just a few steps from the sea will add a touch of romance to the atmosphere of intimacy present on the island.


The guest house Hudhu Raakani Lodge consists of 5 bedrooms with private entrance just steps from the sea, surrounded by lush vegetation .


The double rooms, with the possibility of adding a third bed and are equipped with European style bathrooms with hot and cold water, hair dryer, beach towels, cell phone with rechargeable phone card Maldivian (refills are available at the shops on the island), air conditioning, ceiling fans, mini-bar stocked with water and soft drinks and outdoor patio. Each room is equipped with adapters for the power outlet (220-240 English type). In the reception of Hudhu Raakani Lodge, guests can connect to the internet via Wifi.


Each room has:

– Bathroom
– Hot & Cold Shower
– Hair dryer
– Towels
– Air Conditioner


At Hudhu Raakani Lodge, you can enjoy:

– Island Hopping
– Sand Bank Excursion
– Desert Island Excursion
– Fishing
– Snorkeling
– Lunch Barbecue
– Romantic Dinner


Email us for more information on travel@blue-horizon.com.mv


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