Orchid Magu, Bolisssifaru 2nd Floor. Male, Maldives

Deep South Itinerary: Male – Vaavu – Meemu – Laamu – Huvadhoo – Fuvhamulah – Addu

Explore the SIX Atolls of the Maldives. Dive with 10 different kinds of Sharks including Tiger Shark

1 4 N I G H T S I T I N E R A R Y H I G H L I G H T S . ( A P P R O X 3 7 D I V E S )

Fuvahmulah Atoll: Tiger sharks, Oceanic manta, and Thresher sharks. Oceanic Island with incredible visibility.
o Huvadhoo Atoll: Whale sharks at night, silver tips, grey reef sharks, and many more.
o Addu Atoll: WWII wreck HMS British Loyalty, Majestic manta cleaning stations, and tiger sharks.
o Laamu Atoll: Beautiful fish-filled channels with great shark encounters. Only on the Male to Addu trips.
o Thaa Atoll: Grey reef & white tip reef sharks plus the chance of Whale sharks at night.
o Meemu Atoll: Enchanting channels with pelagic action, sharks, Eagle rays, and beautiful soft coral. Manta
cleaning station.
o Vaavu Atoll: A sunset/night dive at Alimatha, Vaavu atoll is a must to have a memorable experience with the
resident nurse shark.
o South Male Atoll: Grey reef sharks and eagle rays at the famous Kandooma Thila, a highlight on any trip.

How About The Normal Daily Routine On board?

6:00 – Wake up
Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, Banana etc…
6:20 – 1
st Dive Briefing
6:40 – Dive Boat Leave for Morning Dive
After Dive When Get Back to Boat Breakfast
2 Hours Surface Interval
11:30 – 2
nd Dive Briefing
11:50 – Boat Leave for Dive
After Dive Lunch and 2 Hour Surface Interval
14:30 – 3
rd Dive Briefing
14:50 – Dive Boat Leave for Dive
After Dive Tea, Coffee and a Treat from The Cook
Dinner Around 19:00

Day 01
•Guest arrival, Boat briefing, Rooms given.
•Dive safety briefing and dive briefing.
• 16:00 hours check diving.
•Night sleep near Kurumba.

Day 02
•DIVE 1 at Spinner Residence.
•After dive boat cruise to South Male Atoll.
•DIVE 2 to Kandooma.
•After dive boat cruise to Vaavu Atoll
•DIVE 3 sunset dive nurse shark point Alimatha House Reef.
•Night sleep near Alimatha.

Day 03
•DIVE 1 Miyaru kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to noon
•DIVE 2 Rakeedhoo kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to Meemu Atoll, afternoon
•DIVE 3 Gaahuraa cave.
•Night sleep near Vanhuravalhi kandu.

Day 04
•DIVE 1 Vanhuravalhi kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to noon.
•DIVE 2 Muli kandu.
•DIVE 3 Hakuraa thila.
•Night sleep near Muli.

Day 05
•DIVE 1 Muli corner.
•After dive boat cruise to noon.
•DIVE 2 Kolhufushi kandu ( valley of rays ). After dive boat cruise to thaa atoll.
•DIVE 3 Fahala giri.
•Night sleep at Fahala whale shark point ( possible to encounter whale shark behind boat
on surface at night )

Day 06
•DIVE 1 Guraudhoo kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to laamu atoll.
•DIVE 2 Munnafushi kandu.
•After dive boat cruise maibaidhoo.
•DIVE 3 Maibaidhoo kandu.

Day 07
•DIVE 1 Fushi kandu.
•DIVE 2 Maibaidhoo kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to near kunahandhoo.
•DIVE 3 Kunahandhoo giri.
•After dive boat make ready for night cruise, crossing 1.5 degrees channel about 8hour
cruise to Huvadhoo atoll.

Day 08
•DIVE 1 Villingili kandu.
•DIVE 2 Kooddoo kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to whale shark point.
•DIVE 3 Mutta giri.
•Night sleep whale shark point possible to encounter whale shark on the surface at night
behind boat.

Day 09
•DIVE 1 Villingili kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to
•DIVE 2 Kuredhoo kandu.
•DIVE 3 Odegalla faru.
•After dive boat cruise to night sleep near nilandhoo.

Day 10
•DIVE 1 Nilandhoo kandu.
•DIVE 2 Konday kandu.
•DIVE 3 Gemanafushi kandu.
•After dive if weather allow BBQ dinner night on bakatta.

Day 11
•DIVE 1 Gemanafushi kandu.
•DIVE 2 Maareha kandu.
•After dive boat cruise to near Gadhoo.
•DIVE 3 Mafzool thila.
•After dive boat make ready to cross equator channel at night to Fuamulak.

Day 12
•DIVE 1 Fuamulak south Muli.
•DIVE 2 Tiger shark point ( Note: a site entry fee need to be payed by the guest to make
this dive, current fee is 30$ per guest pls be informed fee amount is prone to change every
year due to demand by the site managers. )
•DIVE 3 Fuamulak north Muli.
•After dive boat cruise to addu atoll.

Day 13
•DIVE 1 Maa kandu.
•DIVE 2 Manta Point.
•DIVE 3 British loyalty ( 2nd world war wreck)

Day 14
•DIVE 1 Manta point.
•After morning dive starts 24 hours desaturation for before fly time.
•If the flights are later enough to make a 2nd dive we will organize to make a dive after
confirming flight times.


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Nurse shark

DISCLAIMER: The above itinerary is for reference only. The itinerary is subject to change based on weather, currents and factors beyond our control. 

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