CENTRAL-SOUTH ATOLLS South Ari(Mamingili)-Nilandhoo North-Nilandhoo South-Mulaku-Vattaru-Felidhoo-South Male-Male (7 nights)

This cruise starts in South Ari Atoll (Mamigili). First dive, we will do in South Ari. Then we cross to North Nilandhoo Atoll, South Nilandhoo and Mulaku Atoll. From there via Felidhoo back to Male. Channels with Sharks and Rays, coral reefs with Turtles and Napoleons and a thrilling Night Dive with Nurse Sharks will make this 7 days cruise just unforgettable.

Note: Itinerary is subject to change due to the weather conditions, length of the trip and the group’s majority decision.