BIG NORTH TOUR HANIMAADHOO – Haa Alifu (Hanimaadhoo) – Haa Dhaalu – Shaviyani – Raa Atoll (Ifuru) (7 nights)

Beautiful thilas and Reefs with overhangs are typical for the far north. Plenty of marinelife is there to discover. Soft corals and colorful schooling fishes and big fishes like guitar sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, White Tips, Leopard Sharks and Mantas and Rays are seen regularly. Usually, we do not meet other dive boats in this region, which makes this trip so special and unforgettable.

This cruise includes a domestic flight Male toHanimaadhoo and from Ifuru Raa Atoll to Male.

Note: Itinerary is subject to change due to the weather conditions, the length of the trip and the group’s majority decision.